FSBO Home Selling Tips to Increase Traffic

A trend has emerged over the last several years of home owners choosing the ‘for sale by owner’ (FSBO) route to sell their home without the assistance and additional expense of a real estate agent. While selling a home on one’s own can save a seller a tidy sum of money, what is the best way to get your home noticed by potential buyers without the power and resources of a reality company? If you have been thinking of ‘going it alone’ to save some money and deal directly with potential buyers, here are some house FSBO tips, home selling tips, and open house tips that can help your house get noticed and sell!

House FSBO Selling Tips

Please bear in mind that selling a house FSBO means that you must pro-actively do the legwork that a real estate agent would normally take care of in order to keep your home from languishing on the market. To do this, you will need a marketing plan that includes:

  • Prepare and print a ‘spec sheet’ for your home that has interior and exterior pictures, pertinent information on square footage, number of beds and baths, hardwood floors, attached garage, etc. To make the home as interesting as possible, make sure to include information that buyers really like to see, such as new roof, new furnace, and one-of-a-kind features the home may have.
  • These open house tips transform an open house into a fun event for buyers! Remove all clutter and outdated furnishing from the home so that the home appears more spacious. Just before people arrive to tour the home, start a fresh pot of coffee, put fresh flowers on the dining room table, and have soft, ambient music playing in the background. Stay close enough to your guests to answer any questions, but give them plenty of space for private asides.
  • This FSBO tip will require some outside-the-box thinking, but the whole point is to increase traffic to your home. Rather than pay for print ads in local papers, look on the Internet for places to list your home locally where potential buyers will be able to find it. Most areas have house FSBO organizations with websites and links to other resources for FSBO sellers.
  • A digital camera can be a very powerful tool for selling your home. Take pictures of your home’s best features on a sunny day when there is lots of natural light. Assemble a collection of the best shots and post them on your local FSBO website so buyers can take a virtual tour of your home. If you are Web-savvy, upload the images to your own site and include that URL on the spec sheet you prepared in the first home-selling tip.

These home selling tips are a fine way to get started and other FSBO tips are certain to come to mind as you get further into the FSBO process. Always remember that the best way to sell your home quickly is to increase traffic to it! So be proactive, think creatively, and have your home looking its best at all times. Before you know it, you will be going over closing documents with the buyers!