Home Buyer’s Survey

A home buyer survey is a great tool for getting more from a walk-through than just a passive show and tell. Standing out from the crowd is essential, and tactics like a survey of home buyers can get a seller a lot closer to the goal of getting a decent, actionable offer on a property.

Buyer’s feedback

A house selling survey is an indication to a buyer that the seller is willing to accommodate that buyer’s personal preferences and take care of the items that might concern or worry the buyer the most. This gives the buyer a good feeling about the property and ‘leads’ the deal a little way toward closure. Through a home buyer survey, the seller can even get the buyer thinking about items they may not have consciously examined as part of their search. When the questions are put to the buyer, they may feel that the specific walk-through, including the survey, is somehow automatically more “toward their liking” or “compatible” with their needs, which can facilitate a buyer’s decision to purchase the property.

Marketing Strategy

Sellers can also use a house selling survey as part of an overall “internet-based” marketing strategy. “Virtual tours” and web marketing have become a very big force in the real estate market, according to virtual tour firms like Blue Sky Virtual Tours, a company helping home sellers get action on their saleable homes and buildings. Web marketing makes the process much more accessible to buyers and that translates into a step forward in an often complex process.

Well rounded survey

The home buyer’s survey generally does not include factors that the buyer may have already figured out, like price ranges and neighbourhood info. It can include articles like inspections and damage reports, contingency fixes, and interior/exterior style or function needs. A well-rounded survey of home buyers will address the main points that the seller has some significant control over, and that the buyer may calculate into a deal.

Need help?

Try setting up a home buyer survey with some help from a licensed real estate agent. Agents recognize that there’s a little more to selling real estate in today’s market than in previous years. As the finished process means a commission check in their pocket, they’re generally willing to use their expertise to help close a deal. Working together, with attention to the above, a seller and agent can put together an actionable plan for success.